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SSTUDIO is a company specialized in management, development of contents and differentiated solutions, adding value to the brand’s power through tools and values available at the effective vehicle of communication, relationship and leisure that is the sports and cultural activities’ entertainment industry.


SSTUDIO is able to assist you in all phases, from creation to planning, development, strategic vision, customized designs, and mainly in the management of all processes that involve the accomplishment of major events.


SSTUDIO has a solid background of positive results, allied to the expertise of our general director, Ricardo Gomes Silva, a professional with over 25 years of performance in domestic and international markets. This has enabled the company to build a broad range of networking, allowing us to meet any requirements for quality and results.


We count with a team of professionals who are references in their operating areas, comprising corporate events, sports marketing, cultural events or incentive projects that utilizes the benefits of taxes deductions, always as per the premise cost x benefit x quality.