Performance Areas

If before promotional agencies were absolute in meeting the demands of sponsorship activation, today this space is gradually being occupied by agencies that direct their practice towards athletic projects.


With the high demand for athletic expertise, major media groups seek to align the practice of their promotional branches with athletic marketing.




Management – Services Management: Creation & Content, General Planning, Organizational Planning, Financial Planning, Marketing Planning and Management, Entertainment and Relationship Events Management, Results Management, Crisis Management, City and Country Host Candidature Project Management, Incentive Law Project Management, Consulting, Strategic Vision & Athletic Marketing.


Creation Management – Goals and needs adequacy for client X pertinent action proposal, adequate content;


General Planning Management – Definition of strategies, goals and action plans for each functional area;


Organizational Planning Management – Definition of organizational structures, definitions of resources necessary for performance activities, training and development programs for several departments and functional areas, both in a technical as well as operational scope;


Financial Planning Management – Financial budgeting preparation and monitoring, cash flow management support, cost analysis and adjustment;


Marketing and Planning Management – Support with brand placement, strengthening and communication guidance, proposals for sponsor prospection, media relations, media management, licensing, promotional actions, development of new revenue sources;


Entertainment & Relationship Events Management – Corporate, Cultural, Athletic and Social;


Mega Events Management – Events that involve innumerable functional areas, a large number of suppliers and thousands of people;


Results Management – Results implementation and management, processes review;


Crisis Management – Projects and events in critical situations, assessment action when done in a timely manner;


Candidature Processes Management – For cities and countries hosting international events;


Incentive Law Projects Management – Incentive law project adequacy, preparation and monitoring;


Consulting Management – Athletic proposals and projects evaluation and orientation, of all sizes and types, so that results made available by the entertainment industry can be maximized;


Strategic Vision in Athletic Marketing: – Working in the chain of values of the athletic industry, distinct but interconnected areas;