SSTUDIO is a company specialized in management, content development and differentiated solutions that add value to the power of brands through tools and values available with this effective vehicle for communication, relationship and leisure that is known as the sport and cultural activity entertainment industry.


SSTUDIO can assist you with all phases, from creation, planning, development, strategic vision, customized projects and mainly in the management of all the processes that involve carrying out big events.


SSTUDIO has a solid history of positive results aligned with the experience of its General Director, Ricardo Gomes Silva, a professional in this area with more than 25 years of proven performance on the domestic and foreign markets. This has allowed SSTUDIO to build an extensive networking range that enables the company to meet any demand that requires quality and results.


By working with a team of professionals and companies that are references in their performance areas , which cover corporate, athletic, cultural, or incentivized projects, the company always operates with an assumption of cost vs. benefit vs. quality.


CV – Short Summary


Ricardo Gomes Silva – General Director- CEO


Ricardo Gomes - CEO

  • Has more than 25 years of experience managing events, athletic culture, entertainment, and medium to mega-size events;
  • More than two decades of holding an executive position;
  • Worked for 14 years at Koch Tavares/Octagon, where he took on several directorships, each one of them successful;
  • Responsible for hundreds of realized events;
  • Jobs that have covered five continents;
  • Expert in mega events management, with complex processes that involve innumerous stakeholders, with a large number of functional areas and the participation of governmental areas;
  • Event Start Up Expert;
  • Expert in complex planning that requires a strategic vision and solid networking;
  • Distinguished expert in crisis management, mainly at mega events;
  • Planned, structured and implemented highly-successful events at the end of the 1980s, such as: Global Beach Volleyball, International Professional Tennis Tournaments, Basketball & NBA & WNBA Stars, Professional Boxing World Title Contests, International Futsal Challenges, World Indoor Volleyball Championship, The Brazilian Equestrian Championship, Brazilian Handball National League, Xtreme Sports, International Marathons, Skate & Surf Championships, International Golf events, Global & World Beach Soccer Tournaments, among others;
  • Shows in the area of international show business, mainly within classical and jazz music ( José Carreras, Yvgeny Kissin, Itzhak Perlman, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Wynton Marsallis, as well as others), shows on the national scene ( Daniela Mercuri, Chiclete com Banana, Milton Nascimento, Band Blitz, Margareth Menezes, Ivete Sangalo, among others);
  • Was invited to participate at the beginning of the Agência Tudo do Grupo ABC, chaired by Mauricio Magalhães;
  • Has led SSTUDIO’s Marketing & Entertainment since 2003;
  • Expands his performance areas , focusing on quality as the biggest differential in the entertainment market, becoming a reference in this area;
  • Always practicing with a strategic vision so that clients can reach their previously-approved objectives in planning;
  • Sums itself up to events management carried out in: International Professional Soccer Championship, Taylor made sports summer events for host cities as well TVs Networking, National College Championship, International Law & Enforcement Games, Tennis Tournament, CPLP Games – countries that speaks Portuguese, Paralympics Sports, Pan-American Games, Motor Sports, MMA – Mix Martial Championship, HWC – Homeless Soccer World Cup, International Conferences, City and country application processes for hosting international, pan-american, and global competitions, with success in all of these events, business plan, consulting services management, planning for carrying out mega events, consolidating practice in international areas;
  • Speaker and mediator at international events in the entertainment market and athletic market content sectors;
  • Lecturer of MBA Athletic Marketing courses;
  • Collaborates with social projects in Brazil and Asia;
  • Practices in the creation, development and implementation of ABRIESP projects (Associação Brasileira da Indústria do Esporte);